Our Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Group’s identity, reflecting the values and commitment to operate our businesses in an ethical manner. We undertake a broad range of initiatives for the benefit of local communities, stakeholders, employees, and environment at our locations around the world.

We have selected three focus CSR Goals reflecting our company’s responsibility and impact:

  • Supporting non-for-profit organisations through our charity fund and contributing 10% of Group’s EBITDA to fight orphancy and help families in difficult life circumstances;
  • Funding educational projects to provide access to better education, especially for children and young people, in emerging markets; and
  • Creating knowledge sharing platforms, training and capacity building for agricultural entrepreneurs.

Inosselia Group maintains close coordination and alignment with Ministries of Education in a number of countries to support education initiatives and promote equitable quality education for children and adults.

We fund projects in the field of education technology integration, teacher training and capacity building, and young adult education.