Gold Trading
The gold trading arm of the Group operates a gold trading hub
with presence in Africa and Dubai.



With presence in the center of many high-quality international routes, Inosselia Group has an important role in the international physical gold trading.

The gold trading arm of the Group operates a gold trading hub with a presence in Africa and Dubai.

Inosselia Group co-operates with top notch high-value cargo transportation and security companies, ensuring traceability and compliance with all local and international laws and regulations.


Our Laboratory

Inosselia Group operates as well its own gold laboratory which is built with the purpose to provide fair, reliable, and accurate results for commercial gold analysis for commodity trading. Our laboratory follows best practices and world-class standards within the industry, and practices the double-testing method ‘Cupellation and Fire Assay’.

We use modern machinery and employ skilled professionals.

We strive to exceed expectations every step of the way.


Orotrade is a transparent and socially responsible gold trading company in Dubai, firmly committed to maintaining the highest business standards in terms of ethical conduct and corporate governance. At Orotrade we have developed an effective compliance function to ensure that our operations are in line with domestic and international laws, regulations and best practices.

 Furthermore, in line with our commitment to ensure that gold traded is responsibly sourced and that illegal practices are strictly forbidden, we continuously look to adopt the latest international standards in risk-based due diligence and responsible supply chain management. Orotrade strictly abides by and has implemented, inter alia, the DMCC Rules for Risk-Based Due Diligence in the Gold and Precious Metals Supply Chain as well as the DMCC Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing Guidelines.

 Our strong compliance culture is reflected in our policies and procedures, which may be accessed in the following links.